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Aphrodite's Breath - mid size dangle earrings

Aphrodite's Breath - mid size dangle earrings

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Elevate your beauty with our "Aphrodite's Breath" Dangle Earrings, where coral and white marbled charms dance like whispers of divine inspiration. These exquisite earrings embody the enchanting essence of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

Design Details:

  • Earring Length: 4 cm (max width 3 cm)
  • Charms: Mounted on stainless steel studs, 18 karat gold plated
  • Golden Stud Circle Diameter: 0.8 cm

Goddess-Inspired Elegance: Inspired by the goddess Aphrodite's ethereal beauty, these earrings infuse your style with a sense of timeless elegance and glamour. The charms move delicately, symbolizing the goddess's grace and love.

Radiant Confidence: Crafted from stainless steel and adorned with 18 karat gold-plated studs, these dangle earrings not only embody strength but also shine with a golden glow. The 0.8 cm golden stud circle adds a touch of elegance to your every step.

Empowerment and Beauty: Wear "Aphrodite's Breath" Dangle Earrings and feel the embrace of Aphrodite's beauty and love. These earrings are more than just jewelry; they're a celebration of your inner goddess and a reminder to stand out in the world the way YOU want to.

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