Norvelia Design

Welcome to our world of vibrant colors and elegant designs, where every piece of jewelry tells a story. Our mission is to highlight your every move, brighten up your days, and add a touch of sparkle to the mundane. Dive into our universe and discover jewelry that’s not just an accessory, but a statement of your unique style and values.

Our Story

Born in the north of Germany, our founder carries the essence of Scandinavian simplicity in her. Now, living in southwest of France, she weaves a touch of romantic and femininity into every design. Norvelia is a marriage of these two worlds, creating pieces that are as versatile as they are beautiful.

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Our Philosophy

Movement is Life

We believe in embracing change, which is why we design pieces that move along with you , through every moment of your life.


Our creations transcend occasions, embodying the slow fashion trend to deliver timeless pieces that are as adaptable as you are.


Our designs carry our story and yours, that's why every collection has a well thought name, mostly a powerful or inspirational figure.